Friday, April 26, 2013

Flowers on Friday

 Here are pictures of two pretty flowers you see in the spring in the south. I had mentioned "snowball bushes" in a post from the other day. Well here is my neighbor's snowball bush in all its' spring glory. They only bloom for about two weeks but  they do put on a show. The picture on the bottom is what we call "thrift". It is a ground cover and it also is a short bloomer but so pretty in purple. My grandparent's homeplace had a steep bank on one side that sloped down to the road and it was covered in thrift. When it bloomed in the spring it was just spectacular.
 And of course we cannot forget azaleas and dogwood...two more spring beauties.
 A close up shot of a snow ball. Isn't it beautiful. Below are some pretty irises that I see every day as I drive down the back street of our townhouse community. I am always amazed and inspired by the way my neighbors make use of a small amount of space. Green thumbs abound here in the Glens.

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful Arlene! Flowers just lift our spirits, don't they!