Monday, April 22, 2013

Kendall's 7th Birthday Party

 We cannot believe that the tiny baby we welcomed to the family 7 years ago on April 25th is growing up to be a big girl. We love her so much!!
 Nana, Baylor and the Birthday Girl!
 Baylor loved the pinata!
 Blowing out the candles while Margaret looks on! Kendall had a pretty butterfly birthday cake.
 Opening gifts...
 Kendall with her gift from Nana and Grandpa. Emily, an American Girl doll who is Molly's best friend. Now Kendall tells me that she needs Molly too!!
 Loot from the pinata!
 Grandpa nd Nana and their boys.
 Margaret and on the trampoline
When Baylor got bored, he took time out to sit with Grandpa and play with Nana's phone!

Lovely proud of our sweet spirited Kendall!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Kendall! Looks like a wonderful day!