Tuesday, April 16, 2013

 I meant for this photo to be last but it loaded first so we will just go with it!! My greatnephew, Rob, and greatniece, Edie, sitting in time out. While all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were visiting Rob and Edie took the opportunity to write on the glass door with crayons. At least it was not the wall!!  They were so cute sitting there.
 My brother in law, Lee and his wife, Lanier, have nine grandchildren under the age of four!! Here are eight of them in their Christmas outfits. Aren't they too sweet?
 We went to Memphis for a sip and see for Adeline Lanier Grimm...the youngest of the Memphis grands.
 The party was so nice...good food and sweet fellowship.
 Here is Jessica and Adeline. Beautiful ladies.
 Here is Adeline with Lanier's mother, Dottie Barry. Miss Dottie is 90 years young!
 Decorations made by Jessica's sister, Laura.
 And here is Dottie Sykes Curry and her dad, Trent. Dottie is named for her great grandmother. Dottie was born on Mama G's birthday, July 10, so she is a special baby indeed.
The men and children passed the time on the Curry's back porch. I love this picture of Lee and Marvin yucking it up!! A whoopie cushion was involved. They were teasing Rob with it but Rob did not get the joke!!

It is good to make family memories that will last a lifetime!

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Anonymous said...

Sooo adorable in the matching outfits! You are so blessed with all your grandchildren!