Thursday, April 25, 2013

Seven Years

On this day seven years ago I was off to Decatur General Hospital to wait for my first grandchild to be born. It was a sunny day, all went smoothly and late in the afternoon, Kendall Elizabeth was born. I do believe in love at first sight because the minute I laid eyes on that little lady, she had me heart and soul. And today she is seven years old! It seems impossible.  How do I describe my oldest grand?

1. She has a sweet spirit which is a gift from God.
2. She is a smart girl...loves reading and does it so well.
3. She loves her brother. Most days when I pick Kendall up at school, she gives her Bubba a hug.
4. She is artistic. Kendall loves nothing better than sitting down in my craft room to create.
5. She loves her cousins, Margaret and Baylor. She was so happy to see them at her party on
6. She loves singing. I will often hear her singing as she plays.
7. She is special to everyone who knows her!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl...we love you bunches.

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a treasure! Isn't it wonderful being a nana?