Friday, May 24, 2013

Breakfast at IHOP

Doesn't this look yummy? I had breakfast with my sweet friend, Diane at IHOP this morning and this is what I ordered. It is the Bananas Foster Brioche French Toast. All I can say is only complaint was that I would have added more bananas. Maybe next time I will bring my own!lol...

Diane works at the City Hall and she goes to work at eight so we meet once a month for breakfast. We enjoy our time together and wish it were longer. Diane is retiring in the near future so I see some fun days with her on the horizon. We both have May seems that some of my best friends are May babies.

After having breakfast, I headed off to Publix to get groceries. They were having lots of good Bogos and they had watermelons and cantaloupes on sale so I was happy to shop there today. It is more pricey than Walmart but I must say they have the best produce in town. With the holiday weekend coming up and in anticipation of having three grands here next week, I needed lots of food. We plan to grill hotdogs and hamburgers on Monday. Along with the fixins, we will have a pound cake, strawberries and whipped cream. E's pound cake recipe will be brought out and we will enjoy the pound cake as we remember our special great aunt.

I had planned to put in my summer impatiens but it is supposed to be chilly again tonight so I will wait until later in the week.  This has been one of the chilliest and rainiest springs we have had in Alabama in quite a while. But we have not had to turn on our sprinklers yet so that is a good thing!!


Anonymous said...

Bring your own bananas... very cute! They would probably charge you for them though.... Did you have maple syrup on them? If so, I think you rather brave! I don't know if I could. :-)

Arlene Grimm said...

Gina...they make their own topping with brownsugar but not quite as sweet as maple syrup. It was very good.