Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Calling All Downton Abbey Fans

If you are a DA fan like I am, I know you are finding it hard to wait for the new season! As I was browsing in Books A Million last week, I saw this book on an end cap. Once I picked it up and looked at it, I knew is was coming home with me.(Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?) I sat down with it Friday evening and finished it on Saturday. It is now visiting my friend, Susan, and will go on to friends Maggie and Donna, when Susan has read it!!

While We Were Watching Downton Abbey is set in a luxury high rise apartment building in Midtown Atlanta. Edward, a Brit, is the concierge for the Alexander. Hoping to encourage a feeling of community in the building, Edward hosts weekly viewings of Seasons One and Two of Downton Abbey in preparation for the upcoming Season Three. ( Of course, I found it hard to believe these ladies had not seen DA when it premiered but this is a story!)  Each Sunday evening at eight, Edward prepares an English "snack" and drinks in the club room and about 20 ladies show up to enjoy this party. The novel revolves around three ladies who become friends as a result of Edward's plan. Samantha is a woman who seems to have it all....handsome husband, penthouse apartment and a member of a powerful Atlanta family. But appearances can be deceiving. Brooke is a mom of two young daughters who was dumped by her plastic surgeon husband after he had moved her from her home town of Boston to Atlanta. Of course she had worked to put him through school and the start up of his practice but she feels lost and unlovable in Atlanta. Finally there is Claire, a new empty nester and an author who has writers block. She has moved from OTP(outside the Perimeter....I 285 that circles metro Atlanta)  to the Alexander, planning to spend a year of non stop writing.  These ladies and Edward are an entertaining bunch! In addition to being the Alexander's concierge, Edward runs a small business called Private Butler. His aim is to make all his clients feel that they have their own Carson!! Edward's business is also part of the story line.

I really enjoyed this book as I lived in Atlanta while I was in nursing school so I knew all the locations described in the story.  There are twists and turns but there is a happy ending and I love happy endings!! I have read several books by Ms Wax and this one is my favorite.

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