Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Tomorrow is a special day honoring Mothers and some wonderful ladies who are not mothers but are much loved by children. I am thinking of my sister, Kristi, as I type this. She has invested much love and time in the lives of my children as well as my grandchildren.  I am thankful for all the wonderful moms in my life. First I think of my Mama Swanson. She was my great grandmother and I have sweet memories of  her as she was the only great grandmother of mine that I was blessed to know. Mama Swanson was actually my step great grandmother but I had no idea of that as a child. She married my Papa Swanson after his wife died leaving him with a young daughter. They went on to have two children of their own, my Uncle R.L. and my Aunt Kathryn.  Mama Swanson loved all of us and we loved her too!! Next are my Grandmother Henderson. A quiet sweet person who allowed her grands to do pretty much anything they wanted to do at her house. We bathed our dolls, used scissors...all the things that Mother did not allow at her house!! Snacks were graham crackers, popcorn made on the stovetop and grape koolaid!!  My Grandmother Tankersley lived not far from us and she usually had a grandchild or two at her house all the time. We still laugh at how she fussed at us but she loved us and kept photographs of all her grands on display in her home. My own mother was always home with us...making clothes, pajamas, raising a garden, cooking and canning. She taught her three girls how to do all the things that are needed to be a homemaker. In these last eight years she has shown us what true committed love is as she has cared for our daddy in his battle with transverse myelitis. I could not end this blog without mentioning my sweet mother in law. She was a blessing to all of us and we really miss her. Happy Mother's Day in Heaven Mama G.  Last are the mothers of my grands, Amelia and Katy. They are raising the next generation in our family and I am glad to be able to be here to enjoy these little ones!!

My youngest son, Charles and his wife, Nancy, have invited me over for a Mother's Day Supper tomorrow evening and I am looking forward to that!! Have a great Mother's Day friends!!

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Used scissors! :-)

Happy Mother's Day, Arlene!