Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Nurses Week!!

I borrowed this photograph from my nursing school (Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing) Facebook page. It is a picture of our school's cap and pin.  Two things all new graduates in 1976 wore with pride. We did not wear caps at all in our freshman year as we only took fundamentals of nursing along with our college courses. In our junior year when we worked three days a week in the hospital and attended two days of class we wore our caps with blue stripes placed diagonally on the ends of the cap. Our junior year nursing included ortho neuro, OR, obgyn and medical surgical nursing. Senior year we had a black band that went around the top or the cap to indicate that we were almost done with nursing school. During our senior year we worked in the ICU, Peds and Psych units. By the time we graduated we all had enough experience to go confidently out to work in any hospital. Now days diploma schools are a thing of the past. Nurses attend 2 yr schools or bachelor's programs and most of them learn on the job. In those programs there is not as much clinical nursing as in the diploma program. At Georgia Baptist, most of us worked on the weekends to earn money to help pay for our schooling. We were charge nurses, meds nurses etc. We were given a lot of responsibility but it made us the nurses we are today. I am proud to be a GBH graduate. Even though I have not worked as a nurse in years, the things I learned there have stayed in my brain. The human body does not change..treatments change, meds change but our bodies are constant!!  Happy Nurses week to all my sisters in service who are taking care of patients all over the world.

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