Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Enjoy Being a GOP

After two years of being a GOP (grandmother of Preschoolers) at MOPs I am stepping down for a year. I wanted to be available to Landon and Kendall in Landon's last year at preschool before starting elementary school. Once he is in school all day, I hope to return to MOPs. This group has been such an encouragement to me. They have loved on me, prayed with me through trials and they have also taught me many new things.  As an end of the year gift, they presented me with this cute plant holder along with a cute pair of gardening gloves. I love it!  I am leaving the MOPs in good hands as friend, Michie, will continue as a GOP mentor next year.   If you are a young mom please check to see if there is a MOPs group in your area. MOPs is  a great way to make new friends for you and your preschooler.

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