Friday, May 31, 2013

More Fun With the Grands

 These two were worn out after playing at the park. (I had been laying down between them to get them to rest.) Having the three older cousins here for two days was a blessing. I enjoy seeing them play together and I have to say that there was very little fussing.
 Snack time. Margaret loves Ice cream!!
 And my big Bubba....what a cutie pie.
 Kendall took time out to play on the ipad. She also came to my aid to display our craft. I had seen this on Pinterest and I thought the grands would enjoy it.  Kendall's hand did not turn out as well as the littlies. The paint she chose was kind of dried up!! So we had to use a marker to even it out. Kendall did the squiggly lines as shown in the original craft. Bubba wanted straight lines and Margaret got tired of the whole thing before she was finished.  That really says a lot about their personalities!! Now Margaret has gone back to HOOVA(Hoover) and my house is quiet once more.

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