Friday, May 3, 2013


 We were so excited to welcome Miss Margaret for a day of play on Wednesday.  It was a surprise visit and that made it all the sweeter. Bubba really misses his cousin and their days at Nana School.
 Playing with cars...
 Eating lunch while watching Caillou.
 Coloring together on the ipad.
 Isn't this the sweetest picture...I love how they are leaning in to each other. It makes my Nana Heart just as happy as can be!
After we picked Kendall up at school, we had ice cream at Dairy Queen but they were still hungry so we had some left over pizza.  By this time, Bubba had had enough of pictures and he is pointing at me, telling me not to take his picture. Meanwhile, Kendall is cheesing for the camera and Margaret is drinking her Roarin Water juice box.  I love my grands!!

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Mrs.T said...

Oh, such sweet pictures! I do love the ones of Margaret and Landon playing with the iPad together -- the pics just speak volumes about their sweet friendship. Thanks for sharing these today!