Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Morning Walk

I try to get up at six am every weekday morning, put on my walking clothes and shoes and head out the door. Today I really wanted to stay in bed! Amelia is not working today so I do not have the kiddos but I do have chores to be done and I know it will be easier if I just get up and get going!  While I was out this morning, I saw several neighbors. Like me, they try to walk each morning. One neighbor was walking her sweet little dog so I got some doggy loving. Then I happened upon a little box turtle. He was so cute...he had his head out looking at me! Finally I took a walk around my front flower beds, checking on the Impatiens, Mexican Heather, Lantana and the one Hosta that I have planted this spring. They all seem to be doing well. I picked a few weeds...I just cannot understand how carefully tended flowers can die and those pesky weeds seem to flourish! It really is a reminder of the fall of man!

Now I need to mop my living room and dining room floor. Yesterday Landon told me that my floor was messy! Now when a four year old notices a mess, that means you get the broom and dust pan and get to work. I swept and Landon held the dustpan for me. Today I will do a good cleaning...picking up toys, dusting, and wiping little handprints off the glass on the front door.

Hopefully I will get done in time to run some errands this afternoon. I have some Fathers Day surprises up my sleeve. Speaking of Fathers, my daddy is still not doing well. Please remember my family when you pray.  Now I must put away the computer and get to work. Have a wonderful Wednesday friends!

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