Monday, June 3, 2013

Down On the Farm

 Marvin and I took Kendall and Landon over to the Dry Branch Ranch, my Daddy's farm, for the weekend. While it was a cloudy evening when I took these photos, the rain did not set in until Sunday so the kiddos had a good time outside.  You can  see Grassy Mountain, part of the Chattahoochee National Forest, in the background of Daddy's pastureland.
 And here is Fort Mountain.....just beyond the apple trees, peach tree and muscadine vines.
 Kendall posing in front of the roses.
 My hard working brother in law, Bruce. Since Daddy has been sick, Bruce has taken over the farming.  He was bush hogging the pastures on Saturday evening. Bruce works as a deputy sheriff and then comes home to more work!
 Coming up the driveway....this spot under the tree was one of my favorite places as a child. I loved to sit there and read or settle down with my sweet dog, Mingo, for a long conversation. I never had to worry that he would spill my secrets!:)
My mother and sisters garden...pole beans and corn.
 The corn is looking good.
 Landon checking out Uncle Bruce's chickens.
 Apples are growing nicely....
 as well as the muscadines...
and the peaches! Kendall wanted to know if she could come back to help pick apples. I am sure my mother would be glad for some help!!  It was good to take a break in the country for the weekend.

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