Saturday, June 22, 2013

Had to Share!

 We are still visiting the Land of Enchantment(New Mexico). What a strange and wonderful place. For someone who had never seen any of the western states it is very interesting. I wanted to share some of the pictures from the Acoma Indian far it has been my favorite tourist attraction! We drove about an hour from Albuquerque to reach this secluded area. In the picture above, Marvin and I are at the top of a mesa. It is hard to tell but all the land in the background is far below us. It was quite windy as well!
 Here is the old Indian village on top of another mesa. It was quite an experience to take a tour of these old homes which members of the Acoma tribe live in  day to day. There is no running water, no electricity and only portapotties for bathrooms. Because the mesa is considered sacred they must stay there to honor their ancestors. These old homes are passed down ...the youngest daughter always inherits the home. Most of the Acoma people have modern homes as well . Some use these homes as weekend homes while certain tribal leaders must live there 15 months at a time.  Our tour guide was a young Acoma male and made the tour fun and informative.
 I loved the turquoise blue windows that adorned most of the homes. The Acoma people believe that the blue color keeps out evil spirits. I just love the color and I am thinking of painting the door that goes from the garage to the kitchen turquoise!
More pretty windows!!  We are having a wonderful time with our friends the Whitleys...they run a great bed and breakfast!:) Joyce and Tim have treated us like royalty. Friends are a great blessing!!

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