Monday, June 10, 2013

Ladies Night

I liked Mary Kay Andrews when she was Kathy Hogan Trochek and wrote the Callahan Garritty mysteries about an Atlanta house cleaning/ detective service.   So when she changed to another pen name and began writing chick lit, I was ready to give her a try.  While I enjoyed them(The Fixer Upper was my favorite), I could take them or leave them. Last year I had a chance to meet Mary Kay at a luncheon our library hosted and I am happy to say that she was an entertaining and endearing speaker. She told us that her goal in writing was to earn enough money to buy a beach house at Tybee Island and now she owns two there so I am glad she met her goal!! We love Tybee too!

This book has a very interesting premise, life style blogger, Grace, finds that her husband has been cheating on her with her assistant, J'Aimee. Losing all control, Grace, drives her husband's $175,000 Audi into the pool.  She packs her things and heads home to Mom. But while she is nursing her feelings of betrayal, husband, Ben and his mistress, take over Grace's blog and she is truly left with only the clothes on her back. To add insult to injury, the judge sentences her to anger management sessions.  Along the way, Grace makes some new friends, also sentenced to deal with anger at cheating spouses! She finds a gem of an old Florida house that she decides to fix up for her new blog's first project.  Of course, there is a new man who comes into Grace's life as well. At over 400 pages long, the book seemed to drag toward the end. I have to admit, I started "skimming" the pages until the very end of the book. I did want to see that all ended well with Grace and as with most chick lit books, everyone lived happily ever after. Give it a might just like it.

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