Thursday, June 27, 2013

Los Alamos

 Thirty years ago Marvin spent a good bit of time out at Los Alamos doing experiments as a University of Georgia post doc. ( It sure was hard for a Tech man to go to work at UGA after getting his PhD.) So he was glad to be able to take me to see all the places he had enjoyed while he was in NM.
 This is the lodge where all the scientists stayed who worked on the Manhattan project. It is now a community center and open to the public. It was so pretty! At one time it had been a boys school but the government had other uses for it! Being at a higher altitude it was a bit hard to breathe and walk at the same time but we just slowed down, sipped our water and looked around town. It is a pretty town with more trees and flowers than other parts of NM that we had visited.
 We also saw smoke from a forest fire....they have been plagued with them in NM this year.
 Before lunch we stopped off at the Sanctuary of Chimayo.
 It was very busy the day we were there. It is well known in the area as a sacred place and many make pilgrimages to the site.
 Here I am with the 95 year old priest, Father Rocca. He has been serving at Chimayo for 50 years.
 After visiting the church, we headed to Rancho Chimayo for some of the best New Mexican Food that I have ever had. I found out that I like Posole!! Marvin ate here 30 years ago and it is still as good now as it was then. In Los Alamos we found a nice new hat for Marvin. It fits his big head. Whenever we find a hat that fits, we buy it!! I think he looks very handsome in his new chapeau!
 Here I am showing off the Chimayo menu!
 Eating Sopapillas...Every restaurant in NM serves them with the meal. Yummo!!
What a fun vacation we long to the Land of Enchantment!

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! I love sopapillas! The ones served at La Fonda tasted just like my mother's. Mmmm

My father worked on the Manhattan project in Los Alamos years and years ago.