Thursday, June 6, 2013


  I do not have any thoughts for a post this morning so I thought I would go with my stream of consciousness. My younger son, who is an English Major tells me that I just seem to talk about whatever is in my head so I am going to go with that this morning!! I had a few extra pictures from Margaret's visit. My sister asked me why Margaret was standing on the bed....well I was getting her dressed and she was willing to cooperate with the camera so I let her do as she would. Remember at Nana's house, there are lenient rules!!
 She is such a monkey...whenever Margaret is around there are sure to be lots of laughs.
Here are the cousins enjoying a Happy Meal together and watching Caillou on Sprout.  I am going to have to get a bigger table soon!!

Yesterday my Ann Reese memorial tee shirt arrived in the mail. It is so pretty in pink and such a sweet way to remember this precious child. I plan to wear it on June 15th along with other purchasers of the shirt, just as Ann Reese's parents have asked us to do!

I started a new book last night, Mary Kay Andrews' Ladies Night. Yesterday was Library Day for Kendall and Landon but I had to check out the New Books Shelf while I was there with the children. The librarian had just placed it on the shelf and I was so happy to be able to check it out. I was in the right place at the right time!! Ms Andrews will be at our library on Monday for a book signing and Meet and Greet.  I have read her books for years and I really enjoy them. So far this new book does not disappoint...the main character is a life style blogger who suddenly finds herself without a blog due to the machinations of her cheating husband. When an Audi is driven into a pool in the first chapter, you know it is going to be interesting!

Today is Friend Day and we will be having lunch down on the river at Food Fite. Fite is the last name of the owners of the restaurant and I think they were very clever in naming their eatery.  I am also hoping to get some flowers to set out in my front garden...I have weeds to pull and bushes to trim so I will have a busy day. Have a great Thursday Friends!

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