Monday, June 24, 2013

Sandia Mountain

 Friday Morning we took a "flight" on the Sandia Tramway to the top of Sandia Mountain. Sandia means Watermelon. The mountains take on a pink tinge like a watermelon as the sun sets in the west. Here we are at the tramway...about 6000 feet but the tram takes you up to around 10,000 feet!
 Interesting Rock formations can be seen on the ride up. In the 1950s a commercial airliner crashed into the mountain at night. So sad.
 The cars are very secure and I had no trouble at all with vertigo! I tend to have trouble with heights.
 At the top of the world...or so it seemed to us.
 You can see for miles!

Here I am with one of the gracious Forest Service volunteers. My daddy worked for the US Forest Service in the Chattahoochee National Forest for many years...fighting fires and marking timber. I was also reminded that Smokey the Bear was saved from a forest fire in New Mexico.

Loving our time here!

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Anonymous said...

Arlene, you are so brave! I would have to be prodded into riding that lift. And once I got up there, I don't think I'd go back down!