Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time for Change

I have enjoyed seeing all the summer vignettes in Blogland. It seems that everyone is into freshening up their homes for summer.  We are doing the same here in Grimmland. We are in the process of having granite countertops installed. So far the template is made and we are just waiting on the granite to be cut and installed. That should happen next week.  I am just hoping I made the right decision in my color choice. Sometimes it is hard to get the full effect with just a small piece of stone.  One of the things I am looking forward to most, is my undermounted sink!! I have never had one and I hate cleaning around the trim on my sink. It seems that "gunk" gets in the crevices and it is so hard to get it completely tidy.

Since we had a cool spring this year, our comforter was so cozy and warm that it stayed on our bed. But the recent hot temps sent me out looking for a lightweight spread. I found a really pretty quilted queen cover at TJ Maxx for just $30. I took the heavy comforter to the cleaners and put on my summer cover. It looks so fresh and pretty and goes with all my shams from the comforter set.  Even Landon and Margaret noticed that Nana had changed the bedding. It took the Hubs a few days to figure it out! I am blessed to have a husband who lets me do as I please in my "nest".

I have been looking around my house, thinking of switching out some paintings and accessories. We have lived here for four years now and I am ready for a bit of a change. Without purchasing a thing, just moving things around can brighten up an area.

Outside, I have planted some impatiens in my shade garden near the door. Lantana went into the sunny spot near the curb. I am hoping Kendall and Landon will help me do some watering and fertilizing today. We are also going to Hobby Lobby for some craft supplies, then a stop at the park and home to eat lunch, rest and read.  Thanks to Aunt Leta we have some new learning toys that we might get out and work on today as well.  Time to unlock the front door for my Tuesday Grands!

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