Friday, July 5, 2013

A Box Full of Fun

 Wednesday I gave the kiddos the box that my kitchen sink was packaged in when it arrived from Home Depot. As you can see they went right to work on their Clubhouse.
 Kendall named it the Sink Club!! The bubble wrap hanging down in front is the door.
 Landon poses by the club....
While Kendall is excited, Landon has already moved on to play with the ipad. Maybe he is posting a picture on Facebook.:)

When our children were little, one of their favorite books was Christina Katerina and the Box. Christina Katerina loves to play with boxes. She and her friend, Fats Watson, turn a refridgerator box into a ship, a race car, a castle and finally a dance floor. When they decide to mop the dance floor the box falls apart and Christina's mom is so happy to get the box out of her front yard. However, the enterprising Christina spots a washer and dryer being delivered to a neighbor and she comes home with two NEW BIG Boxes!! I am not sure where I will put the Sink Club. Knowing Kendall, it will be used for quite a while. These are the kinds of problems that I like to deal with in my life as a Nana.

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