Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A New Painting

We have been doing crafts this summer and Kendall painted this butterfly for her stepmom, Tara. She did it with minimal help and I am so proud of her. As for our cross stitch bib, it is lingering in the craft bag. I think Kendall found out that cross stitching is not as easy as Nana makes it look!  Landon is doing some painting as well. It is a work in progress so hopefully he will get it done soon and I can post pictures of his art.

Swim lessons continue to go well. It is fun to see the young ones learn a new skill and to see the confidence that comes along with it.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to lunch with the girls. We are having lunch with one of our friends who is a missionary to Ireland. She and her family are home for the summer and I am so glad we were able to get some time with Tara. Yes, Tara is a popular name among young women of a certain age. I think that their moms must have watched All My Children! Or they loved Gone With the Wind!  Counting on my fingers I can come up with about five Taras that I know!

Well almost time for the kiddos to go home and time for Nana to get Grandpa's lean cuisine out of the freezer!

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Anonymous said...


I love that colorful butterfly! So pretty!

Summertime is not for cooking! I just fixed a quick pizza for dinner. :-)

I need a change so I will now be posting at Sweetbriar Cottage. I hope to see you there!