Monday, July 29, 2013

Another New Blog

I forgot to mention that I have added another new blog to my blog roll. It is called Exploring Decatur. It is written by Sarah, a new Decaturite. Sarah moved here from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and as she puts it, she loves to eat. She will be visiting and reviewing restaurants and other sights here in our little town on the Tennessee River.  I suggested some restaurants for her to review. You know my BFFs and I eat out every Thursday so we know all the good places to grab a bite to eat.

And this week I am having a special visitor at my house...Miss Margaret. I have not seen her in a while so I look forward to fun with my granddaughter. And I will steal some kisses from Baylor when I pick up Margaret.  Tomorrow I will have Kendall, Landon and Margaret so I know it will be day where Nana needs to eat her Wheaties for energy. It is funny that when I have the grands for overnight visits, I am ususally ready to go to bed when they are..around 8:30!

Can you believe that August arrives this week??? Time for school to start back and that means my favorite season, FALL, is not far behind!!


Jenn@Sweet T Makes Three said...

Sounds fun! Even though we've lived in the Decatur area for 3 years there's still so much we haven't discovered about it.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I'd love to read restaurant reviews and such. A sweet taste of Dixie! :-)