Monday, July 1, 2013

Catching Up With the Grands

 Guess who got a Big Boy Haircut? Gone is his little bowl cut that I loved but I think he is a cutie pie no matter how his hair is cut!!  It will be much easier to care for this summer.
 We had Margaret and Baylor over Saturday afternoon. I snapped this picture of Grandpa and Baylor. I just love it. Grandpa is proud of both is grandboys.
And Margaret takes after Nana....look at that purse! We both love purses.  What a good time we had with our Bham babies. Katy told us that we will find out if number three is a boy or a girl on July 18th. I can hardly wait!!

And it seems my blog list is still working well for which I am grateful. But it is nice to have all my blogs backed up to another site as well.

Looks like it will be another typical summer day in, humid and a chance of thundershowers!!

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Anonymous said...

What sweet grands you have! Love the pictures and my that is a big purse! :-)