Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cousin Time at the Park

 I was a beautiful day in rain, a cool breeze  and three cousins excited to go to the Park. Kendall brought along the sidewalk chalk. She had plans for a rousing game of hopscotch. It makes me happy to know that my grands still enjoy the games I loved as a child. And games that require some physical activity!
 The they call the big slide. Of course, Kendall was queen while Landon and Margaret were relegated to Prince and Princess.  One cousin rule is that the oldest cousin present is the boss.:)
 Landon is getting so tall!! And he loves to climb anything, anywhere, anytime.
 Margaret showing off her climbing skills as well as her good balance.
 The girlies...
 Sidewalk chalk...Later on they played hopscotch with some other children at the park.
 Landon enjoying the airplane.
The girls take a drive...before I know it they will be driving off. Time seems to fly by these days so I need to remember to take time to cherish the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Arlene, what fun! Oh I loved hopscotch as a child. And remember playing four-square (with a ball)?