Thursday, July 18, 2013

In My Secretary

 One of my favorite pieces of furniture is the cherry secretary Marvin and I bought several years ago. I have always thought a secretary is the epitomy of elegance. I enjoyed filling the shelves with special treasures and photographs. I have collected china dogs for years and I found this precious black cocker spaniel to add to my collection. I came upon it at a Hartselle Antique store and for only three dollars!! I have found that the price of china dogs has gone up quite a bit since I started my collection so I was happy to find a bargain. I love cocker spaniels because they remind me of our old cocker, Taffy.
 Here are some pictures of me and Marvin in our baby days. Marvin is four in this picture and I am about six months old in my photo.  Behind the pictures is a McCoy vase that Mama G gave to me.
 Here are some precious Hummel figurines that belong to Marvin. His Aunt and Uncle sent them to him from Germany.  I have quite a few antique books that belonged to Marvin's cousin, George. As Marvin tells it, they were going to be thrown out and he gave them a new home. They are lovely to decorate with! I cannot say that we have read any of them.
 This shelf holds a portion of a china lamp that belonged to my Grandmother Henderson. Sitting next to it is a tea mug that Charles brought to Marvin from China. And you can see a cross bookmark that Mama G crocheted for Marvin.
And here are my three children in their Senior pictures.   I am thankful for all the treasures that God has blessed me with in my life!!


Jenn@Sweet T Makes Three said...

Don't you just love downtown Hartselle? Let's go treasure hunting together sometime...when my kids are grown. Ha!

Arlene Grimm said...

Jenn, I may be in my heavenly home by then!!! Lol ... We will go when they are in school all day!