Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Bham Girl is in the House!

 After picking up Margaret yesterday we stopped at Daylight Donuts for a snack. I want my grands to have memories of special treats with Nana.
 It is hard to get Margaret to sit still long enough to get a picture but she posed for me today.
 The big cousins having early morning fun with Ipad and I phone.
 My girlies....
 Landon and Mr Deer, his constant companion. Mr Deer likes to eat popcorn and carrots according to Bubba but I have my doubts.
Love this picture of Margaret that I got at the park...I love pictures of the kiddos when they look solemn. It reminds me of pictures of children from long ago. I think this one will go in a frame for sure, along with the one of Kendall and Margaret. Love these sweet days with the grands. Once Baylor is older he can join in!

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Jenn@Sweet T Makes Three said...

Mr. Deer and Pink Pig should get together for a play date. ;)