Monday, July 15, 2013


 We had some of our Savannah Cousins come up for the weekend in Alabama and look what they brought! Byrds of our favorite Savannah treats!
 Here is Rachel, Dora and Amelia. What is an interesing fact about these three? They all have the same middle name, Morel.
 Miss Dora is such a sweetie! We could eat her with a spoon!
 Dewilla, Dora and Rachel. Dewilla is Marvin's first cousin and Dewilla and I have been friends since I  starting dating Marvin back in the mid 70s.  Rachel and Amelia are good friends too so there is a special bond with these cousins.
 Marvin holding Dora....she was a little hesitant about letting him hold her. Because Marvin is so tall, it is a bit intimidating for little ones. She warmed up to both of us just as it was time for them to head home.
Dora had her eyes closed in this one. I think she had had enough of the pictures!! We had a really good time together. We visited antique stores, strolled around Hobby Lobby then had a nice lunch on Sunday at the Freight House in Hartselle.  It is always good to be with family.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, I see what BYRD cookies are! And what sweet young ladies! Nice to see everyone!