Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Trip Through the English Countryside

I love Susan Branch and I own several of her little books so when I heard she was writing a diary about her trip to England I had to purchase her latest book! Susan's blog can also be found on my blog roll. You will enjoy reading about her life in Martha's Vineyard.  For anyone who loves England, this is a must read. We board the palatial ship, the Queen Mary, with Susan and Beret wearing husband, Joe, and set sail across the pond. ( Joe looks very handsome in his beret, I am wondering if I can get Marvin to wear one? He is part French after all.)  Susan describes the good and the bad aspects of a seven day sea voyage. There are cozy places to sit and read as well as entertainment and sitting on deck to soak up some sun. The food is amazing as well. It is a good thing there is a gym on board the QM.  But halfway through the voyage the ship hits some rough seas and seasickness hits Susan. She advises that you put your seasickness bands on as soon as you board the ship!  Arriving in England, Joe gets to drive the car. With Susan navigating(screaming!) they try to adjust to driving on the "wrong" side of the road.  They spend two weeks in England, visiting the country side including many national trust homes and gardens. Joe and Susan stay in rented homes for their stay and it sounds like a very cozy way to travel abroad. The high point of the book is the visit to Hilltop...the farm once owned by Beatrix Potter.  I have to say that Susan's descriptions of the sights will make you feel as though you are in the car with the Branches. Her delightful drawings and photographs are eye candy for those who enjoy reading a quirky little travel diary. I must admit that I have had a hard time putting my copy down! I am sure it will be read time and time again.

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Susan Branch's drawings are so beautiful. That book sounds more along what I'd like to read.