Friday, August 16, 2013

I Love Toms!

 I have found a brand of shoes that I love....Toms! I purchased my first pair in Gulf Shores last September and I have almost worn them out.  But Tom's can be a bit pricy so I scoured the internet for a bargain. My sister, Leta, shared a Tom's outlet site with me and I looked at it for months before deciding to give it a try. With Fall on the way, I needed some Transition Shoes to help me go from flip flops to my winter Orthoheels( a brand of shoe that my friend, Deborah, introduced me to!)  So I decided to order three pairs of Toms from the outlet. Black, Khaki and Red were my choices.
Each pair costs approx 18 dollars. I was wondering if they were real Tom's or a facsimile. How could these shoes be priced so reasonably? Being somewhat cynical I was afraid that I had just lost $70. With all internet shopping there is a risk in my opinion. But I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my package. They came in genuine Tom's boxes and they look just like the pair I paid much more for last fall.  But I have to say I was surprised that it took them about two weeks to get here. I discovered the reason...they came from China. However even with the shipping, my three pairs of shoes were a bargain. And because they came from China, you have to sign for them when they arrive. I was out of town when the post man stopped by so I had to make a trip to the post office to pick them up. All things considered I would order from the Tom's Outlet again!! The website is

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