Sunday, August 4, 2013

Margaret Meets Lucy!

 We enjoyed a nice weekend at the farm. Margaret was so excited to "drive" the tractor and to finally meet the orphan baby, Lucy. Margaret told everyone she was "little Uncle Bruce" driving the tractor. She loves her Uncle Bruce.
 Aunt Leta is helping Margaret to hold the bottle for Lucy.
 Katy gets in on the act too! Who can resist that sweet baby calf?
 Niece Laura and the Ben Grimm Family enjoying bottle time.
And finally a pretty picture of the mountains. It was a little hazy today, a Smoky Mountain day in North Georgia.  We were glad we got to be with family and to enjoy each other's company.


Jenn@Sweet T Makes Three said...

Lucy is gorgeous. What breed is she?

Arlene Grimm said...

Jenn, she is a Jersey. They are such sweet things.

lanier grimm said...

Great fun

Anonymous said...

Soooo sweet. Love little Lucy!