Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Pretty Purse Bench

 Everyone who knows me knows that that I LOVE PURSES.  So when I decided to get a Purse Bench, no one was surprised!  It all started when the boys at my parents church made these little benches last year at Vacation Bible School. Now the boys made them for prayer benches for their homes. They kindly made one for Mother and Daddy and brought it to their home. Well when I saw it I just loved the size and the heft of the bench. This was no small flimsy was built to last. I asked my sister if one of the boys would make one for me. Well after inquiring, Kristi found out that they had a few left overs and I could have one for a donation. I was happy to do so and soon my little bench was sitting in my garage, waiting to be painted.  I wanted a rustic, weathered look so I painted the bench black first. Then I added this pretty bright green that picks up the pops of green pears I have in my kitchen among my blue and white china decor. After adding the green, I got out my sanding block and sanded it down around the edges and along the legs to bring out some of the black and some of the wood. When it was finished I put it in my back hall under my bulletin board.
 I knew it would be perfect as a place to sit my purse when I come in the back door! It is also a great place to put things that need to go to the car....library books, happies for friends and other such things.
Here is my purse, sitting on the green bench. Doesn't it look pretty against the green?  And now I will not be searching for my purse when I am ready to leave the house!  It little things like this that make me happy!!

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen a purse bench but your's is adorable!