Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Revisiting the Smurfs

When my children were little, we had quite a collection of Smurfs. Of course they were small and very blue back then. In fact I think I still have one or two upstairs in the toy box. Kendall and Landon have been on a Happy Meal kick lately, hoping to collect the new bigger, sky blue Smurfs that MacDonalds has wisely included in their children's meals. MacDonalds knows that a Nana in Alabama will be helping her grands collect as many as possible. Ok, I know that you can buy them without purchasing a Happy Meal but what fun is that? The kiddos love to open the Happy Meal to see which Smurf is hiding inside! Kendall has been on the hunt for Vexy....the new dark haired girl Smurf. Well Saturday while we were in Hoova, we got Margaret and Baylor a Happy Meal and there she was! Baylor kindly shared his Vexy with Kendall. Then yesterday I took Landon on a MacDonalds run after a trip to the park and lo and behold, there was Smurfette....or as we call her in the Grimm House, Smurfhead. That is what Ben, Amelia and Charles thought that the girl smurf was named back in the day.
 Baker Smurf, Vexy and Smurfhead.
 I love seeing my grands enjoying the toys that their parents loved back in the 80s.
 Smurfs lining up for School...
 My sweet grands...Using their vivid imaginations. An Ipad cannot compare to that!!

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Anonymous said...

Those little blue fellows look familiar. I guess everything old is new again!