Friday, August 30, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes

I took Landon to his Meet the Teacher Day at Preschool and I could not help but compare this year's visit to our stressful Meet the Teacher Day last year. Landon has grown up so much in one year.
 He was not happy about school...thanfully he had a very caring teacher, Miss Sherry.
 She soon had him working on puzzles and looking at toys in the three year old classroom.
 We ran into Miss Sherry on our way to the Four Year Old Class and Landon was so happy to see her.
 Landon is standing by his Green Frog! He is in Miss Pam's Green Frog Class.
 Painting hands for a project with Miss Pam. And Bubba even posed for a picture outside his school! I cannot believe how fast my grands are growing up. It  sure is fun to see them grow and mature.

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Anonymous said...

The beginning of a new school year is both exciting and a bit frightening. He looks so happy in the last pictures!