Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wishing for a Green Thumb!!

 I have received two beautiful plant arrangements this week. This large schefflera came from our Sunday School class and it is just magnificent.
 Friend Deborah sent this lovely grouping of plants to me. I have it sitting by the fireplace.
 My mother received this colorful plant and gave it to Charles and Nancy for their home. They forgot to take it when they left on Monday so we brought it along with us.  I am just hoping I can keep my plants alive! Both of my grandmothers had emerald green thumbs. They could grow anything. I do not think I have been blessed with that gene. I got on the internet yesterday, researched all the plants and I pray I can follow the directions for their care. It seems light and water are big factors in caring for any houseplant. I know the decorators frown on Silk plants but for people like me, they can come in handy!!
My mother gave each of us "girls" one of our daddy's Forest Service name tags. I put mine in my memory jar. I guess that my sisters and I will always be The Tankersley Girls. And that is a nice thing!!

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Jenn@Sweet T Makes Three said...

Pretty! The only thing I can keep alive in the house is ivy. It's so low-maintenance.