Monday, September 2, 2013

A Late Summer Wedding

 Once again I had the pleasure of helping my sweet friend, Alana, prepare for the wedding of a daughter. We had so much fun getting the flowers ready for the Sanctuary as well as making corsages and boutinerres.
 My friends, Jennifer and Carol, more Flower Ladies.
 The empty nesters...Mark and Alana have married off both their beautiful daughters this year.

 Love the pretty pink flowers on the reception tables. Many families at our church have donated their wedding decorations to the church so it is easy to pull together nice centerpieces that are inexpensive. We are all family at FBC and that shows!
 Sarah and Julia...lovely sisters and friends of the bride. Julia helped with the flowers as well. She has a great eye and hopes to be a home designer one day. I would hire her!!
 The happy Couple, Nathan and Victoria. Victoria looked like a princess in her beautiful gown.
 The guests enjoyed some group dancing at the reception. Even the young guests got in on the fun.
 Marvin and Me....we will celebrate 37 years of marriage on Wednesday! We wish all the best for this sweet young couple just starting out on the marriage road.
Prayers for a wonderful marriage for these two!!

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Anonymous said...

Now I've read about the wedding. I love the bride's dress. So pretty and feminine without being racy (as so many seem to be). :-)