Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Great Find at Ross!!

 I just had to share this sweet table I found at Ross the other day. After my daddy passed away, I had several lovely plants that I received that I wanted to display around my home. My problem was, I had no place for this pretty little tree that was in the arrangement that my friend, Deborah, sent to me. Originally I had the pot sitting on the floor next to the chair but it just did not look "right".  I was browsing in Ross and found this perfect bamboo table for just $24.99.  I did not buy it right away. I thought about it and decided if it was there the next time I went into the store, I would get it. And there it sat so I knew I had to bring it home!
Here is a close up of the table. And I think the plant looks perfect on top! Second tier holds a picture of my girlies and the lower tier has some pears on display. But as much as I love pears, I thought I needed something taller for the bottom shelf so it now holds a pretty vase that looks more in scale. One thing I am learning with decorating that scale is everything!!

Well I have my big boy here today so we are heading to Hartselle for a haircut and we just might stop at Daylight Donuts for a treat. It is just down the sidewalk from the barbershop! Have a great day friends.

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