Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Part Two

 Here is my tea cart all dressed up for fall...It is still one of my favorite purchases and I have my brother in law, William, to thank for encouraging me to ask for the price. We were in a Savannah antique mall and I knew it would be over my budget but oh how I loved it. William went with me to ask for the price...$90! Sold!! It is from a hotel in Cairo, Egypt. My tea cart is better traveled than I am!
 The white leaf plate is a gift from friend, Susan....along with the lace mat. I got the cute Jackolantern plate at Hallmark several years ago. The G cocktail napkins come from Tammy Eddy Antiques. Cute little jackos on the silver tray were a TJ Maxx find years ago. And finally my Pumpkin Moonshine Book by Tasha Tudor!
 Even the kitchen hutch gets some pumpkins for decoration. This smiling Jackolantern looks great with my Louisville Stoneware.
 And the top of the hutch is home to a little pumpkin patch. I think it looks nice with all the pears and the blue ware.
 The little scarecrow was a gift from my sweet sister, Kristi.  He looks cute in the punkin patch.
 And my Dining Room table....I love this weathered lantern that I got at TJ Maxx. I can see using it for every season. I took some leaves, small pumkins and mums to decorate the inside of the lantern for fall. I also added some of those cute acorns I got at Cracker Barrel.
Here is a close up of the foil pumpkins...another TJ Maxx find several years ago. I had these sweet little plastic pumpkins that I did not know what to do with so I sprinkled them among the leaves. This year I repurposed a lot of what I had on hand to decorate for the season. Fun and Frugal!

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