Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Cuckoo's Calling

For many of us who loved Harry Potter, we could not wait to read A Casual Vacancy, Ms Rowling's first adult novel. Let's just say that it was underwhelming. It seemed this children's author decided to let everyone know she was no longer writing for young readers. Rather like Myley Cyrus letting everyone know she was no longer Hannah Montana at the VMA awards if you get my drift.  I was not surprised to find that Ms R used a pen name to write a detective mystery.  After all the boos and hisses over A Casual Vacancy, I would be hesitant to step back into those murky waters.

I found The Cuckoo's Calling on the shelf at our library(kudos to our library for obtaining many new books for the readers to enjoy!).  I brought it home and waited a couple of days before I began reading this mystery. I did not want to be disappointed again. But I must say The Cuckoo's Calling was a good mystery. Sure it had some language in it but it was appropriate for the character.  Cormoran Strike is really down on his luck. He lost a portion of his leg in Afghanistan when investigating a murder there as a military policeman. He has just left his long time girlfriend, Charlotte and is living in the office that houses his less than successful private investigations business.  But one day two things happen to make him feel that he might have hope of a turn in his luck. A young woman named Robin is sent to be his temporary secretary. She sets a new tone for the office and just in time as a wealthy lawyer, John Bristow, arrives to ask Cormoran to investigate his adopted sister's death. The police say that super model, Lula Landry, jumped to her death from her apartment balcony but John feels she was murdered.  And so begins the mystery of what happened to Lula(Cuckoo). This book delves into the seamier side of fame, the groupies, the fans and the price of renown.  Who did kill Lula....her drug addled boyfriend, her best friend super model Ciara, her biological mother, her angry uncle or perhaps the troubled young woman who Lula has taken under her wing?  There are many twists and turns and Cormoran and Robin are both characters that I would like to learn more about. Since this book is Cormoran Strike#1, I am thinking there will be other mysteries in this series and I look forward to reading them.

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