Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Little Treasure

As Marvin and I were strolling about an antique store the other day, I saw this match holder. I pointed it out to Marvin, noting that it looked like the one that belonged to his mom. Mama G's match holder hung on the wall by the sink in the kitchen for many years. We decided we had to bring this one home with us. We have not decided where we will hang it but we will keep out little matches in the holder. It is really designed for Kitchen Matches...long matches that were used for various chores. Marvin went online to see if he could find Kitchen Matches and they were available for about $20 a box!! How times have changed.  Once our parents are no longer with us it seems we enjoy having things in our home that remind us of our loved ones.  I know we will think of Mama G when we use this little gem.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet find. I know you will enjoy using it.