Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another Treasure

 My good friend, Maria, gave me this pretty little glass box on Monday. Maria knows I love Boopie Glass and she found this precious little treasure on one of her recent antique "picking" expeditions.  Maria thought I would like this and she was right. My china cabinet is filling up with lots of Boopie glass and anything that has little glass balls as ornamentation.  You can see one of my Boopie glasses to the left of my box. The blue and white tea set was a gift to me from my son, Charles. He brought it all the way from China for Mom!
Here is a better picture of my treasure. Thank you Maria....I love it!!


Anonymous said...

Arlene, so cute! I've never heard of boogie glass before. Is it a southern thing?

Anonymous said...

I've seen this glassware before but did not know the name. What a sweet addition to your collection.

Your son's tea set gift is beautiful and I know you treasure it.