Saturday, October 26, 2013

Back Alley Bistro

One of my favorite restaurants here in Decatur posted this pretty picture on Facebook and I decided to borrow it. Back Alley Bistro is quickly becoming one of The Places in Decatur to dine for lunch or dinner.  The food and the ambiance is so nice that you just relax the moment you step inside the door. They also have some musical entertainment on the weekends and that pulls in a lot of the late night crowd. I have to say I am the lunch or early dinner diner. About the time the music is starting at Back Alley, I am curled up in bed with a good book. If you are in the Decatur area, check out this neat eatery.


Anonymous said...

I love the exposed brick and the cute little tables. We usually eat out at lunch or before 6 p.m. We laugh that our car would turn into a pumpkin if we stayed out past dark!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the way it looks - so quaint!