Monday, October 7, 2013

Feels Like Fall

This morning I went out to get the newspaper and it was quite nippy!! That makes me happy as it means fall is approaching here in the South. On the way home from church yesterday, Marvin and I noticed that the leaves are already falling from some of the trees.  Of course I am looking forward to seeing the leaves change colors before they fall!

I had to share a picture of some of Kendall's Halloween decorations from years ago. When she was a little thing, she painted these inexpensive candle holders we purchased at Walmart. She decorated them and we added a battery operated tea light for a flickering glow. I still get them out each year and put them on display in the play room. I need to let the other grands make some of these votive holders too.

This week the children are with their dad and step mom so I have a week to do some cleaning around here. We are hosting Margaret's Lala Loopsy Birthday Party here on Nov 9th.(Her birthday is not until Dec 2nd but with the arrival of Mr Asher slated for around that time, Mommy wanted to make sure Margaret had a big party.) And we will be having a Grimm Thanksgiving this year with Charlottesville, Virginia and Memphis, Tennessee Grimms coming to celebrate with us. My hope this week is to declutter a bit an to give my kitchen a good cleaning.  It is true that a woman's work is never done!!


Mrs.T said...

So true that womens' work is never done! It's true of my work, for sure!

The colored foliage has been beautiful up here. Today (as well as yesterday) has been rainy and the leaves are falling almost as fast as the raindrops.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, those decorations are so cute! The temperatures have climbed back into the 80's lately but that is due to change this week. Your Thanksgiving sounds like it will be filled to the brim!