Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy 50th Dr Who

 Marvin and I first became aware of Dr Who in the 1980s when our local public tv station began running the old British scifi program on Saturday evenings. Tom Baker is Marvin's favorite "DR". His traveling companion, Romana was easy on the eyes as well! As the years went on we found out that Dr Who had been on British tv since 1963. In fact it was actually a kiddie show that gained cult popularity here in the US. For those of you who are not Dr Who fans, Dr Who is a time lord who travels through time and space along with a companion or two saving the galaxy from destruction. He also regenerates from time to time so Dr Who has been portrayed by 11 actors since 1963. It is the longest running SciFi show in the world as well as the most popular.
 Sarah Jane was a companion to Dr Who for several years and even turned up in the David Tennant period which was a fun flashback to her years with former drs, Baker and Pertwee. Sadly Elizabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane passed away after a battle with cancer.
 I loved David Tennant as Dr Who. I think of all the doctors, he is my favorite. He was so out of the box and I love his Scottish accent.
 Before David Tennant took over the role of my favorite doctor, Peter Davison and Janet Fielding as his companion, Tegan, were my favs.
 And I must say that Catherine Tate as Donna Noble is now my favorite companion. She was the perfect counterpoint to David Tennant.
Dr Who is a hit at our house and we look forward to reading about the 50th birthday celebrations this month for a great tv show.


Anonymous said...

Arlene, I watched about 2 episodes and decided that Dr Who wasn't for me. I know lots and lots of people love it. You are in good company!

Arlene Grimm said...

It took me a while to get into it back in the late 80s. I have to admit that I did not care for the Matthew Smith years but maybe the new dr will be more my style.