Tuesday, November 12, 2013

LaLa Loopsy Party Fun

 Landon was a Lala Loopsy Pirate Boy!
 Nana and Kendall. One of my old friends said that I bring new meaning to Blue Haired Grandma!
 Nana and her Lala Loopsy Girls.
 Kendall and Margaret. Margaret has on her birthday crown and her pretty birthday dress.
 Four Years Old!!
 The boys were more interested in the ipad!
 Margaret got so many nice gifts!
 Kendall and our own niece, Laura from Georgia.
 Lots of adoring family looking on as Margaret opens her birthday loot.
 Kendall with an art project. Thanks Aunt Leta!
 Baylor grabs the Ipad when Bubba puts it down.
 The young adults get in on the fun...Todd and Amelia
 Ben and Katy
Charles and Nancy.  We did have a fun day with the family!  On to Thanksgiving plans!!


Anonymous said...

Love the hair! Too cute! The birthday girl's dress is precious.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun celebration. Such a sweet birthday girl.