Friday, November 8, 2013


 Here is the Lalaloopsy Doll that Margaret will be getting from Nana and Grandpa at her party tomorrow. Her name is Pillow Featherbed and her pet is a lamb.The theme for Margaret's party is Lalaloopsy and I found lot of Lalaloopsy supplies at Party Central here in Decatur. I am heading back there today to pick up some Lalaloopsy Balloons. I am getting a bit excited about the party! Can you tell?
Both Kendall and Margaret are big Lalaloopsy fans. These little dolls (and there are some big ones too!)  lead to hours of play for my girls.  Margaret's birthday party will be here at my house and we are expecting a big crowd of family. So I will miss tomorrow's post but will be back on Monday with lots of pictures!(I hope!!)


Anonymous said...

What a cute doll and lamb for Margaret's birthday. I know it will be great fun to be surrounded by family and friends. Happy Birthday wishes to Margaret!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet, Arlene! I've never heard of lalaloopsy. Are the dolls based on a book or cartoon?

Arlene Grimm said...

Gina, Lala Loopsy is a cartoon on NIck Jr.