Monday, November 18, 2013

New Living Room Bling!

I had been looking for a screen divider to separate my living room and dining room a bit and found this French Country Screen at Overstock on sale and NO Shipping!! That is why I love the O.  I was tired of the dusty silk tree that had graced this area for several years. And you know ALL Decorators frown on Silk Plants. Unfortunately those are the only ones I seem to be able to keep alive.:) I do have several nice plants that were sent to me when my Daddy passed away and they are doing fairly well for now.

Isn't it fun to change things up a bit around the house? I think that is one reason I love Christmas so much...putting out new things, all the lights and glowing candles. It just makes me happy. Only one more week to much to do here in Nanaland. I am hoping I can get some things done this week! Let the baking begin!!


Anonymous said...

Love it! I don't think there is an Overstocks store nearby. I wish there was. Your room divider looks so quaint. :-)

Anonymous said...

The room divider is pretty - looks great there. I order a lot from O too. I've always been pleased with their service.

Your home will be smelling good with all those items baking!

Dental work begins for me tomorrow. I'll be MIA for a while.

Wishing you a nice week.