Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday Musings

Update on Laura...She was first runner up in the Nation for her Creed Speaking. We were very proud of her win! She says she will be back next year to try for first place!! She is a young lady with a good attitude and lots of determination.

Tara, Kendall and Landon's step mom, is back to work after the birth of baby Raegan. So I will be doing school drop off and pick up for Kendall on the days that I have her. Yesterday was my first day doing drop off and it reminded me so much of the days I drove my own kiddos to school. Checking face and hands, getting the book bags and lunch boxes in the car and waiting patiently in the drop off line to deposit Kendall at the school door. Today Landon has school as well so after dropping off Kendall we have about an hour at home before driving to Hartselle.  Busy days!!

I am hoping to get to Hobby Lobby today to buy some things to refurbish my old Christmas wreaths. While cleaning up my craft room yesterday, I took all the old decorations off. They have seen better days after five years!!  I was reading the Southern Hospitality blog post that Rhoda did on decorating Christmas Trees and she had some helpful hints for making fake trees look fuller. I think it will work on wreaths as well.  I am going to buy some picks and such to fluff my wreaths and I will save some for my Christmas tree as well. Rhoda is participating in the Michaels Christmas Tree Challenge and her tree is truely lovely. Take a look at her post if you have a moment. You can find her on my Blogs I Read list.

Here at home I am getting ready for Margaret's LaLa Loopsy party.  Cleaning, organizing etc. I am looking forward to Saturday.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday friends!! Off to school I go.


Anonymous said...

Arlene, all the grands! Your life is busy but blessed! I look forward to seeing your freshened up wreaths. :-)

Arlene Grimm said...

I love "piddlin"( as we say here in the south) in my craft room. I look forward to some relaxing hours there creating.