Wednesday, December 18, 2013


 I love my Christmas angels. Over the years I have collected quite a few thanks to my bro and sis in law, William and Barbara. Also my sister, Kristi, has given me several in a Hallmark collection. I guess I could have an angel tree and just display all my unique ornaments. The little angel in the top picture is made from a gourd!! One of William and Barbara's creations...they come up with something different each year.
 A Seashell Angel...I also have an oyster shell angel that W and B made for me.
 This angel is made from stripped down pine cones...a nut makes the head and nut shells are the wings!!
 This is one of my sweet Hallmark Angels...
 This angel was given to us from Mina. It is a Hospice glass angel with Mama G's name and the years of her life.
 Another WB creation..made from a peach pit!!
And one made from a Magnolia pod!!

Each Christmas I enjoy looking at all my special ornaments and thinking of the sweet people who gave them to me!


Anonymous said...

Now I'm singing Angels We Have Heard on High.....

Such sweet angels watching over your Christmas!

Anonymous said...

PS Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card! I love the soft Nativity scene. (without my glasses the lambs look like poodles!) :-)

Anonymous said...

How very unique!