Wednesday, December 4, 2013


 This is a picture of the nativity that Mama G made for us at her ceramics class years ago. This year I decided to put it "up high" on the armoire in our bedroom so little hands are not tempted to pick up the pieces and play with the livestock!!  It is truly a treasure to me and it is irreplaceable.  You may notice a little gift that Marvin got for me this year...a menorah.
 I have always wanted a  menorah so Marvin surprised me with this one and the colorful menorah candles....the colors of Chanukah. The menorah is a symbol of Israel's desire to be a light to the world. So what better place to display it than a nativity celebrating the Light of the World...the birth of a Jewish baby who is our Savior!
 Here are several smaller nativities that I on the photo to see the images in a larger frame. left to right...I just purchased the nativity painting at Memi's on Bank on Friday, the Christmas ornament nativity in glass was a gift from Marvin's aunt, Willilou, our LuLu.  The small Fontanini nativity was a gift from my friend, Judy Campbell. Next is the nativity set from Guatemala, brought to me by Maria Coker who was a missionary there. The gourd nativity was purchased in Santa Fe this summer.  I think I have started a new collection!! ( The pretty tray was a gift from bro and sis, William and Barbara! Perfect background for this display.)


Dewilla Hooper said...

I keep my Willow Tree Nativity up all year, with all of my other Willow Tree angels. My favorite kind have always been the little plastic ones that we always had at our house growing up, and I have one of those that I use, too. Maybe You have inspired me to take a picture of all of my nativity sets, too. I love them!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Please do!! I love seeing everyone's Chritmas pretties!