Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fun with Lanny!

My sis in love, Lanier, was having some painting done at her house and she came to stay with us while the paint fumes died down. We have had so much fun! Monday and Tuesday we just chilled here at home, chatting and watching movies. Wednesday, Marvin and I had joint camp at Decatur General to prepare for his knee replacement on Monday. When that was over, Lanier and I did some shopping down on Bank Street. Lanier has been on the hunt for more small chairs for her grandchildren and we found four at Tammy Eddy antiques. I have three now so I think I have enough for my grands. It is nice when the little ones can sit in their own cozy chairs and have a snack or eat a meal in comfort.  I found some more linen cocktail napkins with G's on them at  for my collection at Tammy's as well as some cotton dish towels at The Cottage.  We stopped in at Memi's where I purchased an anniversary gift for Ben and Katy. They will celebrate five years next week! Last night Lanier treated us to dinner at Mellow Mushroom and we surely did enjoy that fellowship. I am going to be sorry to see her leave today. We needed some fun company before Marvin's surgery. And she and Lee gave us a Panera card to use while Marvin is recuperating so we will be set for some meals.  We hope to go to Memphis to see Lee and Lanier before Marvin has to go back to work. They just did a big kitchen remodel and I cannot wait to see it.

Off to Friend Day lunch at Back Alley Bistro. What would we do without friends and family? I have been greatly blessed by both!!


Anonymous said...

Nice pic of you two. Sounds like a great time. We love Mellow Mushroom Pizza! It's always fun to have someone special to go shopping with. I'll be praying for your husband's surgery. Enjoy your day!

White Lace and Promises said...

Great photo! Sounds like a nice visit. I need a day like that-a girls weekend. yes, that's what I need!


Arlene @Nanaland said...

Bonnie, I meant to tell you that my first name is Bonita and my parents planned to call me Bonnie and changed their minds and used my middle name. I wish they had stuck with Bonnie. I love that name!!

Terri D said...

You are so right about family and friends!! Great photo and sounds like some great fellowship.